A Letter To Angus Taylor and Matthais Cormann

Without a mandate, Liberals in name only (Linos) under Malcolm Turnbull, introduced legislation forcing Australian electricity retailers to purchase, at peak hour, only unreliable and expensive renewable electricity instead of cheap and reliable coal-fired electricity. The result is that we have gone from having the cheapest and most reliable electricity grid in the world to nearly the most expensive and unstable. Our disposable income has flatlined due to ever increasing electricity prices. Meanwhile, Turnbull and other Linos have invested in renewable energy which is only viable thanks to the subsidies paid by the rest of us through our electricity bills. 

Quiet Australians fear that “Linos” in the Liberal Party still control electricity policy.

Quiet Australians know that droughts and floods in Australia are caused by ocean currents in the Indian and Pacific oceans. They know that bushfires are caused by high fuel loads combined with low humidity, hot, windy weather. They know that current claims of temperature records don’t even date back to the “Federation Drought” and are only the result of fiddling with the raw data and lowering historic temperatures which were higher than current temperatures.

They know that CO2 has been going up on an exponential curve since 1959 but the temperature of the earth has not gone up correspondingly. Rather, it has been basically flat for the last 20 years except for the temporary El Nino effect. While man’s CO2 may have some slight overall warming effect, Quiet Australians know that it is not the control knob on the planet’s temperature. It is not an urgent crisis.

Quiet Australians are sick of greenies blaming fires, floods, storms and droughts on manmade CO2. And indoctrinating and terrifying our kids into believing the world is coming to an end and that man is the enemy of nature.

The Liberals won the last election by appealing to the aspirational voter. They studiously avoided discussing manmade climate change, which is the rationale for their electricity policies. This proved a successful tactic, but it won’t work next time.

City voters now live in air-conditioning virtually 24/7 and have become disconnected from the natural variability of Australia’s weather. People less inclined to believe in God find the virtuous idea of saving the planet attractive. Both groups are easy prey for the scare tactics of climate activists. 

Climate activists know that fear and climate hysteria influence public opinion, beget public funding and draw media attention. They use false claims of scientific consensus to bully people into silence. Anyone who questions their narrative is abused as a “denier”. They use the powerful human deterrents of moral rebuke and ostracism to stifle debate and common sense.

To win the next election, the Liberals must clear out the “Linos” and summon the intellectual fortitude to state the case against climate hysteria. They must educate the gullible and the scientifically illiterate about the scientific evidence. If they don’t, anti-intellectual climate hysteria will become cemented as the gospel truth in the minds of the voting public with dire electoral and policy consequences.

Climate change is occurring, but it is not manmade, and it is not damaging. Cheap coal powered electricity is the antidote to poverty in places like India and China where people have no electricity. Coal and gas (and nuclear) are the source of clean, reliable, affordable power and jobs for Australian citizens. Australia’s current electricity generation policies are hugely expensive and damaging to its citizens and have absolutely no effect on the world’s temperature or on the local climate.

Over 440 scientific papers were published in 2019 affirming the position that there are significant limitations and uncertainties inherent in our understanding of climate change. They are proof that the theory of anthropogenic global warming is not settled.

There are four main arguments which undermine the climate alarm popularised in today’s headlines. Natural mechanisms have a greater influence, and CO2 concentrations a lesser influence, than that claimed by the IPCC on climate change. The warming/sea levels/glacier and sea ice retreat/hurricane and drought intensities currently experienced do not fall outside the range of natural variability and are neither unprecedented nor remarkable. The computer models are neither reliable nor consistently accurate and their projections of future climate states are not supported by observations. Using renewables to cut emissions is ineffective and even harmful to the environment whereas elevated CO2 and a warmer climate provide a greener planet, enhanced crop yields and lower mortality.

Quiet Australians want the Liberal Party to master these arguments and take the field to prosecute the case against the current climate alarmism. If the Party does not enter the debate, it is conceding the field to the climate alarmists with inevitably adverse electoral ramifications.

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