Murray Darling Basin Plan-New Broom

I sent the attached letter (so far unpublished) to The Australian on Saturday:-Would someone please explain to Minister Burke and new MDBA Chairman Craig Knowles that:1)the Murray Darling Basin was not suffering from "ill-health", but the natural results of extreme dryness,2)these dry symptoms have, in recent months, been dramatically cured by Mother Nature,3)the extreme variability … Continue reading Murray Darling Basin Plan-New Broom

Global Warming-Motives of Alarmists

The following is a quote from James Delingpole's blog. It struck me as a good summary.He is describing ideological differences with a "friend"."The biggest of those ideological differences has to do with Anthropogenic Global Warming.In a nutshell, I think it has been greatly exaggerated by a number of special interest groups with an axe to … Continue reading Global Warming-Motives of Alarmists

Conservatism and Inland Water Management

I think it was John Howard who once described a conservative as someone who did not believe that everything his grandfather said was necessarily wrong! Nobody could accuse present day water managers (bureaucrats and attention seeking scientific advocates)of being conservative. They appear to approach current issues from the clear position that their forebears didn't really … Continue reading Conservatism and Inland Water Management