Senator Cormann (at Davos) also stressed the huge size of the Australian continent and its history of extreme weather events in any global discussion of the bushfires. “Yes, climate change is making things worse … But we have also got to keep it in perspective. In a sense, Australia has always been a country that … Continue reading Bushfires-Perspective

Australian Bushfires -Post Mortems

It is to be hoped that the inevitable post mortems-Royal Commission/government enquiries or whatever, will bring some appropriate balance to the polarised current debate and the lessons to be learnt for the future. The usual desire for a "silver bullet" single cause needs to be tempered with the recognition of the multiple factors which led … Continue reading Australian Bushfires -Post Mortems

Vale Roger Scruton

The sad overnight news of the death of Roger Scruton calls for a tribute. None better than digesting his own words- Roger Scruton Contributor World Affairs. Our world is hungry for meaning and I explore our ways of finding it.This article is more than 2 years old. In a report published last week in London, Andrew Miller, … Continue reading Vale Roger Scruton