Water Management

As of today just under 1,400,000 megalitres of water has flowed down the Darling River past Bourke since Christmas. Water "saved for the river" as a consequence of the Government buying Toorale Station and its water licenses, remains at 10,000 megalitres-0.7% of the flow since Christmas.How's that for an investment of $23.75m.?

Lakes-Letter to The Australian 13th February,2010

Could someone please explain to me (As one lakes region comes to life, another is saved from death-The Australian February 13th-14th) why returning the Lower Lakes (Alexandrina and Albert) to more like their natural state and allowing sea water to enter as it always did when upstream rainfall and flows were low, would be such … Continue reading Lakes-Letter to The Australian 13th February,2010

River Management

Letter Sent to the Sydney Morning Herald on 10.02.10Water Management in the Murray Darling BasinPaul Myers (Only rain can solve riddle of the rivers -SMH 10th February,2010) is so right in his central point that only rain can solve the water shortages in the Murray Darling Basin. The Government buying back water licenses, when there … Continue reading River Management

Darling River-Flow Variability and Magnitude

At Christmas time the Darling River at Bourke had ceased to flow and real fears were held for the towns future water supply. Irrigation was out of the question. Then it poured across north/western NSW as the remnants of a cyclone made their way across the continent from the n/w of Western Australia.The Darling River … Continue reading Darling River-Flow Variability and Magnitude

Toorale Water Claims

The Federal Government is now claiming (Penny Wong ABC AM 03/02/10) up to 20,000 megalitres of water returned to the Darling River as a consequence of the Government's purchase of Bourke's iconic Toorale Station. A few weeks ago they claimed 11,000 megalitres, so presumably this new figure is additional?The irrigation water storage on Toorale (Ross' … Continue reading Toorale Water Claims