Nigel Lawson and The Royal Society

I have long admired Nigel Lawson's (Nigela's Dad!) consistent, questioning position. He is big on adaptation (if necessary), which we humans have proved to be remarkably good at. I would particularly draw your attention to his fourth paragraph. LORD LAWSON’S LETTER TO SIR PAUL NURSE·         Date: 27/02/13·          ·         The Global Warming Policy FoundationSir Paul NursePresidentThe Royal Society6-9 Carlton House … Continue reading Nigel Lawson and The Royal Society

Modern Agriculture

This article in the Sydney Morning Herald by well respected journalist Paul Sheehan, really "got up my nose". So much so I sent off the following letter to the Editor. Sadly he/she didn't see fit to publish it."Paul Sheehan's perception of modern agriculture is severely flawed  (''We'll reap what we deserve'', February 18).  Instead of relying on some credibility … Continue reading Modern Agriculture