Murray Darling Basin

There is a very widely held view that we need to "restore the health of our rivers". This statement assumes that they are unhealthy, which might well be the case. However, we have just been through nearly a decade of the lowest rainfall/run-off that has ever been recorded.Whilst this is extreme, under natural conditions it … Continue reading Murray Darling Basin


Letter published in The Weekend Australian on 16th October:In your front page today (Heated backlash Forces Murray inquiry) you categorically state that:"The move to reduce water usage is an attempt to address the fact that states have sold irrigators licences to extract so much water from the system that not enough water is being left … Continue reading Irrigation

Climate Change-Carbon Demonisation

The science of climate change/global warming is most certainly not settled. In recent months we have had:-the revelations of the "climategate" emailsthe very balanced Review Committee of enquiry into the IPCC's alarmist reportingthe revealed gross exaggeration of the Himalayan glacier melting claimsthe back-off from an extreme alarmist position by the highly respected Royal Society of … Continue reading Climate Change-Carbon Demonisation

Banjo Paterson

The Banjo is not famous for his philosophical input. However, I have long been attracted by his poem "Come-By-Chance" from which the following extract is taken-Though we work and toil and hustle in our life of haste and bustle,All that makes our life worth living comes unstriven for and free;Man may weary and importune, but … Continue reading Banjo Paterson