Murray Darling Basin Authority Draft Plan-November,2011

After a quick "skim" of the new Report I have prepared the following Questions for the Authority-Guidelines For Questioners At MDBA Plan Meetings –November, 2011·         What is the specific evidence on which you state the Basin is “unhealthy”, particularly after the recent wet years?(The MDBA website states -“Our use of the water in the Basin … Continue reading Murray Darling Basin Authority Draft Plan-November,2011

MDB Water-Two Contradictory Quotes

Quote - "A very uneven distribution of water resources across Australia and high year-to-year variability  means that water resources in some regions are fully or over allocated, while others remain largely undeveloped" CSIRO Water -Science and Solutions for Australia, 2011 Given allocations are not fixed but made subject to availability, how can anyone argue that water resources are over allocated?? Sure, irrigators face great … Continue reading MDB Water-Two Contradictory Quotes

Latest Murray Darling Basin Plan-Apprehension

Those interested in maintaining Australia's long term agricultural productive capacity are awaiting the release of the latest iteration of the Murray Darling Basin Plan at the end of this month, with great interest and some apprehension. The attached video, particularly Louise Burge's comments, is spot on.The Murray Darling Basin rivers are not, in general, unhealthy. … Continue reading Latest Murray Darling Basin Plan-Apprehension