The EditorLetters to the EditorHerald Sun24 June 2011Open Response to Eminent Persons and OthersCarbon is a dirty grimy substance that pollutes the atmosphere and for this reason is presented to you as the Government's target to tax.However the substance the Government intends to tax is carbon dioxide[CO2] which is neither a pollutant or a poison … Continue reading Carbon

Truth-a self lecture

I like this:"Perception will not be our driver,because reality ultimately takes over from perception and it's reality we rely on in establishing our record. (Graeme Samuel in discussing his time as Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 12.06.11.)I believe we should constantly seek after our perception of the truth, uninfluenced by whatever the … Continue reading Truth-a self lecture

Live Cattle Exports

I am deeply concerned at the turmoil caused in Northern Australia by the suspension of the live cattle trade to Indonesia.Nobody would condone the animal cruelty witnessed in the Four Corners programme. And nobody would contend that what we witnessed was representative of the whole Indonesian abattoir scene. The cruelty must be stopped, but to … Continue reading Live Cattle Exports

The Barrages and the Lower Lakes

The linked article,published in The Australian on 7th June should be compulsory reading for all those interested in the management of the Murray Darling Basin.I wrote the following letter to the Editor in support, which at this point has not been published:Congratulations to Johnny Kahlbetzer for so succinctly explaining (‘Free-Flowing Estuary Vital to Healthy River … Continue reading The Barrages and the Lower Lakes