Pommies Go Mad

  Press Release 27/06/19 House of Lords Rebukes Government for Rushing Through Net Zero London, 27 June: Last night, Peers rebuked the Government for committing the UK to a Net Zero emissions target with little scrutiny and no plan for how it might be achieved.  The Chancellor has warned that the cost of reducing net greenhouse emissions to zero by 2050 could … Continue reading Pommies Go Mad

Cop This!

Climate hysterics skyrocket by Paul DriessenPosted: 20 Jan 2019 11:01 PM PSTIncreasingly absurd disaster rhetoric is consistently contradicted by climate and weather reality Call it climate one-upmanship. It seems everyone has to outdo previous climate chaos rhetoric.The “climate crisis” is the “existential threat of our time,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi told her House colleagues. We must “end … Continue reading Cop This!

Mathematical modelling illusions

Mathematical modelling illusionsBy Jay Lehr and Tom Harris – posted Onlineopinion  Friday, 11 January 2019For the past three decades, human-caused global warming alarmists have tried to frighten the public with stories of doom and gloom. They tell us that the end of the world as we know it is nigh as a result of carbon dioxide emitted into the … Continue reading Mathematical modelling illusions

A New Report From the IPCC-Here We Go Again!

Letter in The Australian, 4 October,2018Climate mayhem aheadEvery year there is a meeting of the conference of the parties to the UN climate change convention. Every year, leading up to the COP meeting, we are softened up by media releases from so-called experts warning us of the ever-increasing danger from uncontrolled burning of fossil fuels … Continue reading A New Report From the IPCC-Here We Go Again!