My Feet

My FeetWhat an extraordinary topic for our writing teacher to set for homework. My unimaginative mind goes immediately to the literal-ingrown toenails, dry heels, unattractive, functional. But, perhaps it is intended to provoke the mind towards a metaphor?Our set reading directs us to George Orwell’s views on motives for writing.Orwell suggests sheer egoism, I have … Continue reading My Feet

Dairy Crisis

I have followed the dairy industry crisis with horror and sympathy for the farmer's who are being asked to refund monies they have been paid, because the processors got it wrong and apparently their contracts allow the processors to recover retrospectively. In other words the farmers carry the price risks for the processors.One can understand … Continue reading Dairy Crisis

Global Warming and Energy

Last Monday fortnight Gail and I were in the audience for  QandA at the ABC's Ultimo studios. The panel included U.K. scientist Brian Cox, Federal Minister for Science Greg Hunt, and newly elected One Nation-Senator Malcolm Roberts. Cox is a former rock band player and could fairly be described as a "showy" celebrity scientist. Roberts … Continue reading Global Warming and Energy

John Constable Joins Global Warming Policy Foundation Academic AdvisoryCouncil

The Global Warming alarmists are resorting to ridicule to dismiss the misgivings of those who question the conventional wisdom. They suggest that those who raise legitimate questions are all idiots. Consider the quality of the list below.JOHN CONSTABLE JOINS GWPF’S ACADEMIC ADVISORY COUNCILDate: 28/06/16Global Warming Policy FoundationThe Global Warming Policy Foundation is pleased to announce … Continue reading John Constable Joins Global Warming Policy Foundation Academic AdvisoryCouncil