A Man Talking Sense on the Big Picture-Three NZ’s

The NAB's February Agribusiness View contains an interesting article written by Simon Talbot, Chief Executive Office of the National Farmers’ Federation, noting that in 2014/15, farm gate incomeincreased by 8 per cent to $57 billion, and this is expected to rise to about $105 billion by 2030.This prompted him to comment: "We need to establish … Continue reading A Man Talking Sense on the Big Picture-Three NZ’s

Water-The Basics-From Viv Forbes

Water is essential for all life, and happily it is abundant on our blue watery planet.However, salty oceans cover 70% of Earth’s surface and contain 97% of Earth’s water. Salt water is great for ocean dwellers but not directly useful for most life on land. Another 2% of Earth’s water is tied up in ice … Continue reading Water-The Basics-From Viv Forbes