The Importance of Electricity to the Developing World

 Global coal use soaring, expected to set new record in 2022 Robert Bryce, The Hill, 23 July 2021Call it an inconvenient truth, but the global economy is fueled by electricity, much of it produced from coal, and that will not change anytime soon. Electricity use and economic growth go hand in hand. And as global electricity demand … Continue reading The Importance of Electricity to the Developing World

Climate Change -European Floods

The Reason We’re So Shocked By Deadly Floods Is Because We’re So Good At Preventing Them Deaths and damages from floods in Europe have declined dramatically over the last 150 years  Michael ShellenbergerJul 19 The floods in Europe that killed over 150 people in recent days were a result of climate change, many people say. … Continue reading Climate Change -European Floods

Covid 19 and Risk

In my ever humble opinion, this is the best thing written in all the verbiage on this subject. As Churchill said - ‘experts should always be on tap, but never on top’. OPINION The lie at the heart of Australia’s de facto COVID-19 strategy is about to be exposed Chris Uhlmann Nine News Political Editor … Continue reading Covid 19 and Risk