Energy-A Different Perspective

Shale Gas – Not Renewables – Has Been The Biggest Disruptor In Energy Markets Peter Tertzakian, Financial Post, 12 September 2018 The biggest and fastest energy transition in North America hasn’t been the addition of renewables, nor the pushing out of coal. It’s been the substitution of conventional natural gas with shale gas. And now … Continue reading Energy-A Different Perspective

Cotton Technology

This much maligned industry deserves better ........Cotton Australia reports that the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) has produced a detailed case study on Australian cotton growers as part of its “Towards Climate Resilience Series” outlining how farmers are using different advanced techniques and efficiency measures to adapt to extreme weather conditions. This includes, for example, how … Continue reading Cotton Technology

Climate Change-All in One

The Globalism of Climate: How Faux Environmental Concern Hides Desire to Rule the World Barbara McKenzieUncategorized February 23, 2019 [Edit: it was in 1988, not 1986, that Hansen and Wirth sabotaged the air conditioning in a US Senate committee room in order to make their global warming point] The primary function of ‘global warming’ alarmism, aka as the … Continue reading Climate Change-All in One