Global Warming

I am not into conspiracy theories. However, when you think about the millenium bug,the salinity exaggeration of a few years ago, the continual threats to the Great Barrier Reef (whatever happened to the Crown-of-thorns-star-fish?) and now the global warming beat-up, you wonder.The term 'climate change' is much better than 'global warming', as you can win … Continue reading Global Warming

Submission to Productivity Commission

Submission to Productivity Commission on Water RecoveryOverviewThis submission is brief, long on assertion and short on evidence. This is not because the assertions are not defensible, but rather because of limited resources. I would be happy to enlarge verbally should the Commission be interested.Assertions1.The key characteristic of Australia‚Äôs inland rivers (where most irrigation takes place), … Continue reading Submission to Productivity Commission

Email Sent to Ian Macfarlane MP at 8:30AM on 01.12.09

Dear Ian,I have watched the development of your political career from QGGA to Minister for Industry, with admiration. However, to hear you as a genuine "bushie" refer to the CPRS as a "cimate change solution" truly shocks me. I am afraid that you and my friend Malcolm Turnbull have been playing populist politics on this … Continue reading Email Sent to Ian Macfarlane MP at 8:30AM on 01.12.09

Email Sent to Certain Senators on 30.11.09

Senators,Just look at the Breaking News:Electricity bills forecast to increase by 60%-half due to the ETS. "Climategate" getting big coverage particularly in the UK-the key scientific global warming alarmists have been "fiddling the numbers". Messrs Minchin and Abbott are on a vote winner and are prepared to show leadership in challenging conventional wisdom. Please get … Continue reading Email Sent to Certain Senators on 30.11.09