Now to really important matters! Daughter Susie and her husband Hagen have a new daughter-Madeleine Susan to take home to their new house in Pymble-just around the corner from us. A sister for "The Ant's Pants", otherwise known as Max.

Murray Darling Basin Plan-Neil Eagle

My friend Neil Eagle, who knows the Murray like the back of his hand, tells it like it is:-MDBA Ignores Public Submissions - Still No Basin Plan Balance!      Predictably Rhonda Dickson CEO of MDBA has announced they have seen nothing in the multitude of submissions to sway them from their intention of recommending in the … Continue reading Murray Darling Basin Plan-Neil Eagle

Environmentalism-The New Religion

I have recently discovered a marine biologist, Walter Starck, who is clearly a deep thinker with a broad view of the world. This paper from Quadrant Online is quite long, but well worth a read. It encapsulates many notions I share which I have found difficult to express. Also linked is an article  from The Australian … Continue reading Environmentalism-The New Religion