Murray Darling Basin Plan and Variability

November, 2011John Cox has written a great article putting some hard numbers on my much repeated point about Australian river flow variability and the difference between allocations and entitlement volumes. Here is an extract.There is no evidence that the sustainable diversion limits in this report were influenced by any social or economic outcomes, as the … Continue reading Murray Darling Basin Plan and Variability

Murray Darling Basin Plan-Malcolm Turnbull

18.12.2010I follow Malcolm Turnbull on Twitter. Why? Because I have found him intelligent and interesting. When he was John Howard's Parliamentary Secretary for Water we had him out to Bourke to discuss irrigation issues and I was very impressed how quickly he got his mind around them. I was surprised by his commitment to the … Continue reading Murray Darling Basin Plan-Malcolm Turnbull

Letter to The Land-15.03.2012

The following letter was given 'Letter of the week" status in The Land of March 15-The letter from Diana Gibbs (The Land,March 1) a Board Member of the Murray Darling Basin Authority, raises some fundamental issues. We need to remember that the  Water Act was drafted at a time of extreme pressure from drought and green … Continue reading Letter to The Land-15.03.2012

 Murray Darling Basin "Over-allocation"

11.05.2012In a speech to the Practical Responses to Climate Change Conference on 2nd May the C.E. of the Murray Darling Basin Authority said the following:-"Leaving aside the challenges of climate science uncertainty for a moment, I would like to turn to what we can be certain about.  There is more than enough information to be … Continue reading  Murray Darling Basin "Over-allocation"

Sir Michael Hinze

The Financial Review has run an interesting interview with billionaire hedge fund manager, Sir Michael Hintze, who has made his $1.98 billion fortune making calculations and betting on the fallout from major geopolitical events, and from agribusiness investments.Hintze’s family arrived in Australia as stateless refugees from China after his grandparents fled Russia during the Bolshevik … Continue reading Sir Michael Hinze