Bitten by the dispiriting dogma of sustainabilityNICK CATERTHE AUSTRALIANJANUARY 28, 2014 12:00AMPrint42FacebookIllustration: Sturt Krygsman Source: News LimitedWHAT a splendid start to the year it has been for Australia. First the Ashes, then the one-day trophy and finally the corporate sustainability prize awarded to our own Westpac Banking Corporation in Davos.Sustainability is "a leading-edge issue", which means no one … Continue reading Sustainability

A Step in the Right Direction

Commonwealth Government Selling Water Allocations-A Step in the Right DirectionThis week’s announcement that the Commonwealth Government is to sell some water allocations back to irrigators is a small step in the right direction.From the time that the Howard Government, in an attempt to gather "green" votes, decided to throw $10bn at the Murray Darling Basin, … Continue reading A Step in the Right Direction


"Focus" is one of my favourite business words. I came across the following quote which is worth repeating and following-QUOTE OF NOTE:  From Robert Glazer, a serial entrepreneur and customer acquisition specialist with an exceptional track record of growing revenue and profits for early to mid-stage consumer businesses. His firm, Acceleration Partners, is a go-to … Continue reading Focus

Climate Change-The Party’s Over-Maurice Newman

Mother Nature suggests the party's over for IPCCMAURICE NEWMANTHE AUSTRALIANJANUARY 15, 2014 12:00AMPrintpandShare on facebo:FGIVEN the low-grade attacks on me following my piece "Crowds go cold on climate cost" (The Australian, Dec 31) readers of Fairfax publications and The Guardian may be shocked to hear I believe in climate change. I also accept carbon dioxide is … Continue reading Climate Change-The Party’s Over-Maurice Newman

Curriculum Beyond Saving-Nick Cater

Illustration: Sturt Krygsman Source: News Limited"LANGUAGE," claim the authors of the Australian Curriculum, "enables people to interact effectively." They then proceed to demonstrate in 238,000 laboured words that this is not necessarily the case.The curriculum is written in the private language of educationalism, which, like Latin in the hands of the medieval clergy, serves to keep the … Continue reading Curriculum Beyond Saving-Nick Cater