Well worth a readWhere are we goin’…….? ALP has spread Europe's disease·                                 GREG SHERIDAN, FOREIGN EDITOR The Australian March 21, 2013 years of Labor government, by this year's election in September, will result in a new Australia. We have contracted the European disease. Labor has taken us towards the most spectacularly unsuccessful model of government in the developed world today. We … Continue reading Australia

Murray Darling Basin Plan-The Truth Dawns

Quotes from a recent MDBA report, as so often happens, demonstrate how as managers get closer to the practical implementation stage they realise the errors in their theoretical planning.Quotes"Natural flows in the Murray–Darling Basin are highly variable, with water-dependent ecosystems developing and evolving within this flow environment. The high degree of uncertainty over future inflows and the variable … Continue reading Murray Darling Basin Plan-The Truth Dawns