"The Land" Extract 16th August,2012

‘Toorale’ sale reflects Basin flopJULIAN LUKE17 Aug, 2012 12:21 PMWHEN David Boyd flies over Toorale Station now it nearly brings him to tears.The former chairman and chief executive officer of Clyde Agriculture – which sold “Toorale” to the Commonwealth and NSW governments for $23.75 million in September 2008 – cannot believe the 91,383-hectare property is … Continue reading "The Land" Extract 16th August,2012


I sent the following two letters to The Australian on 16th May. The second one was published as the lead letter on 17th May,2012 to letters Your front page article and editorial (The Australian, May 16) highlights the whole fiasco of the Commonwealth and NSW Government’s purchase of Toorale Station.In opening the Bourke Show on 5th May, … Continue reading Toorale

Toorale Ramifications

The Sydney Morning Herald (David Wroe) has written a well balanced article on the waste of money in buying Toorale (pronounced Too-rally) Station at Bourke.http://www.smh.com.au/environment/station-buyout-a-waste-of-money-20111223-1p8ln.html. I attempted to leverage this with a letter to the Editor which failed to make the final cut-"Congratulations to the SMH (Station buyout a waste of money- 23rd December) for "outing" … Continue reading Toorale Ramifications

Toorale Station, Bourke

The purchase (for $23.75m)and closing down of Toorale Station at Bourke, can now be viewed with the value of two years hindsight and can be clearly seen as the great act of bastardry that many saw it as at the time. It was an action totally driven by cheap politics for consumption in Adelaide, that … Continue reading Toorale Station, Bourke

Toorale Water Claims

The Federal Government is now claiming (Penny Wong ABC AM 03/02/10) up to 20,000 megalitres of water returned to the Darling River as a consequence of the Government's purchase of Bourke's iconic Toorale Station. A few weeks ago they claimed 11,000 megalitres, so presumably this new figure is additional?The irrigation water storage on Toorale (Ross' … Continue reading Toorale Water Claims

Toorale Water is Different

At Senate Estimates on Thursday night, Penny Wong's officials said that the water saved at Toorale from the February flow comprised 5,900 megs from the Darling and 1,300 megs from the Warrego-a total of 7,200 megs.Bill Heffernan asked them where they gauged it and for the Warrego River was told at Ford's Bridge. With the … Continue reading Toorale Water is Different


Toorale and the DarlingThursday 30 October, 2008ARTICLE by PAUL MYERSTOORALE and the DARLING………………………………………………………………………………………….The joint purchase in September by the federal and NSW governments of Toorale Station in outback NSW has been shown to be the sham and public relations stunt it always was.Not only did the Minister for Water and Climate Change Penny Wong admit … Continue reading ARTICLE by PAUL MYERS TOORALE and the DARLING