Global Warming-Honesty and Wisdom

Letter to the Editor

The Australian                       18 Feb 2020


What hope does business have in Australia when business leaders like those of the Business Council of Australia, coal miners BHP and  Anglo American and many others clamour for a net zero emissions by 2050 as the means to save this country from the perceived perils of ‘climate change’? 

Now they are joined by PM Scott Morrison (The Australian, 18 Feb 2020) who notes that trying to achieve such a target involves at least costs of $22 billion per annum until 2050. This is corporate hand wringing, virtue signalling and scientific ignorance displayed on a massive scale, since CO2 emissions do not cause dangerous ‘climate change’ – they never have and never will.

Our greenhouse zone keeping us comfortably alive is 80% created by water vapour, and has been stable for millions of years. CO2 is a harmless and non-toxic gas that is greening the planet and vital to our agriculture, and the only adult in the room who gets this is our own local hero, Matt Canavan, whose vision and common sense must prevail over the misinformed nay sayers and alarmists in our business community and parliament.

G M Derrick

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