Blog Log – A Cricket Tragic’s Indulgence

Tuesday, 9th July,2013 At the Swire (Australia) Christmas Party last year the Chairman suggested I should accompany him to the Ashes Test match at Lord's (London) in July.That got me thinking, particularly when I discovered I could get a ticket thru' my membership of the SACA (South Australian Cricket Association). He then announced  that business … Continue reading Blog Log – A Cricket Tragic’s Indulgence

Lower Lakes and Up-river Storages-Letter to The Land

I addressed a further letter to The Land in response to one which suggested an inconsistency between calling for better management of "The Barrages" and maintaining upstream dams."Andrew Brown’s (One dam question-Letters,June 13th) provides an ideal opening to explain precisely the difference between upstream water storages in the Murray Darling Basin and the damming of … Continue reading Lower Lakes and Up-river Storages-Letter to The Land

Unnatural Nonsense

When I read the recent Murray Darling Basin Authorities' "Environmental Watering Priorities" paper and the South Australian Government's celebratory "Implementing the MDB Plan" release, my grey hair stands on end. I have never read such artificial, misleading nonsense.Who do these water bureaucrats think they are? God? Do they not understand that following the ravages of … Continue reading Unnatural Nonsense