Global Warming/Climate Change

As the European carbon market collapses and European Governments come under increasing pressure on energy policy, the following communication to a senior Shadow Minister is concise, crystal clear and timely."I agree with the Opposition's policy to rescind the carbon tax and abolish the Climate Commission, but not with the rest of its climate change policy. The … Continue reading Global Warming/Climate Change

Climate Change or Climate Variability

With the Government's mendicant institutions, Climate Institute, CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology, and the Climate Commission all trotting out statistics and commentary clearly aimed at supporting the Government's Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) mantra, it is refreshing to read some basic comments from an elderly, salt of the earth, western NSW grazier.In a letter to Bourke's Western Herald, John … Continue reading Climate Change or Climate Variability

The Global Warming Policy Foundation

This organisations name keeps coming up in my reading, including an excellent recent paper on world energy.This morning I had a look at their website and was very impressed with the people on the Board of Trustees and the Academic Advisory Council, several of whom I have met personally. Freeman Dyson, Nigel Lawson, James Spooner, Lord … Continue reading The Global Warming Policy Foundation

Concept of a Social License

OPINIONLive cattle: stakeholders v steak holders·         BY:NICK CATER ·         From:The Australian ·         April 02, 2013 THE evidence that Noah actually built an ark is sketchy to say the least, but one thing can be said with certainty. If Noah were to build his ark in Australia today, he would struggle to get an export licence. Gathering up every … Continue reading Concept of a Social License

Dysfunctional Government

We really can't afford another six months of the dysfunctional Gillard Government.Last week I sent the following email to Tony Windsor-without response. We need to apply some pressure."Dear Tony,Whilst you couldn't have been expected to have perfect foresight, the fact remains that you and Rob Oakeshott foisted this appalling Government on the Australian people.I appeal … Continue reading Dysfunctional Government