Chilling Climate of UN Control

 MAURICE NEWMANTHE AUSTRALIANDECEMBER 28, 2015 12:00AMREMOVEPRINTLike ancient Druids pleading with the gods for good seasons, world leaders and their aides recently devoted a fortnight in Paris to pleading with each other to stop global temperatures from rising more than an average 2C above pre-industrial levels, when the Earth was emerging from the Little Ice Age.Of the 196 … Continue reading Chilling Climate of UN Control

We Need Publicaly Funded Sceptics

We need publicly funded sceptics to challenge CO2 witch-huntMATTHEW CANAVANTHE AUSTRALIANDECEMBER 18, 2015 12:00AmPRINTIn 1589, Princess Anne of Denmark left to marry King James VI of Scotland. En route, her boat was struck by storms. Someone had to be blamed and, as was standard for the time, witches were the usual suspects.More than 100 suspected … Continue reading We Need Publicaly Funded Sceptics