Brendan O’Neill Nail’s It

Lesson for Tony Abbott: think like an elite or quit public lifeBRENDAN O’NEILLTHE AUSTRALIANSEPTEMBER 19, 2015 12:00AMPrintSave for later122Whenever a party topples its leader, our first instinct is to go looking for the knife-wielders.Who plotted this? Who landed the first blow? Who played the Brutus role, siding with the ousters despite being mates with the doomed … Continue reading Brendan O’Neill Nail’s It

The Renewable Energy Dilemma

Renewable energy claims are unsustainableRenewables also hurt the poor through higher pricesSeptember 9, 2015 by Larry BellWhereas “renewable energy” conjures up visions of wind, solar, and tidal power, “clean” energy sources that will last forever to power the world into a “green,” sustainable future, it won’t happen without an Orwellian restructuring of the world’s social and economic … Continue reading The Renewable Energy Dilemma

Cheer Up: The True Mother Of Invention Is Optimism

Cheer Up: The True Mother Of Invention Is OptimismThe Sunday Times, 6 September 2015Luke JohnsonAlways remember that throughout history the pioneers have been exalted, while the doomsayers are forgotten.IT IS easy to fall into a slump at this time of year. Returning to rain, darker evenings and the daily grind after a summer holiday in … Continue reading Cheer Up: The True Mother Of Invention Is Optimism