Flexibility and Conservation-The Darling River.

We can't write appropriate black letter law to deal with a highly variable environment. The reality of Dorothea Mackellar’s "droughts and flooding rains" and you could add ‘not much in the middle’, cries out for adaptive management. The water sharing plans for each of the main water courses in the Basin, need to be expressed … Continue reading Flexibility and Conservation-The Darling River.

The Problem of the Counter Intuitive-Water

A long time agricultural friend suggested I would be interested in the "River on the Brink" Exhibition on display at the SH Ervin Gallery in Sydney. I visited it yesterday. To say the least I was horrified! Not so much by the depictions of the condition of the Darling River, which is bad enough, but … Continue reading The Problem of the Counter Intuitive-Water

The Darling and Menindee Lakes

While on the subject of the Murray-Darling Basin, CEO of the NSW Irrigators’ Council, Luke Simpkins, has expressed disapproval of The Australia Institute’s report “Owing down the river”, describing it as “a further appalling attempt at skewing the facts.” In his vigorous rejoinder, Simpkins points out a few salient facts conveniently ignored by the Institute … Continue reading The Darling and Menindee Lakes

The Darling River-Letter to the Australian (unpublished)

Your headline "When the river runs dry, cry for the future" (The Weekend Australian-February 17-18),could have more positively read "When the river runs dry, pray for rain!" If there had been no upstream irrigation extractions when river heights allowed, the lack of subsequent rain in the massive Darling catchment would still result in the absence … Continue reading The Darling River-Letter to the Australian (unpublished)