Queen Elizabeth II and Bourke

An extract from my yet to be published memoirs. "In March 2000, when we learnt the Queen was going to Bourke, I said to my wife Gail I didn’t think we should intrude on what was the big event for Bourke locals-we were Sydneysiders. She said “Well you can please yourself. But Bourke is my … Continue reading Queen Elizabeth II and Bourke

Outback Opera – Blog Log

In May 2022 I made a BIG 16-day trip by road from Sydney to western QLD. I was motivated by a desire to enjoy quality music in the outdoors including soprano Greta Bradman and to observe much of inland Australia looking its best in seasonal terms. This is a nostalgic account of the trip and … Continue reading Outback Opera – Blog Log

Flexibility and Conservation-The Darling River.

We can't write appropriate black letter law to deal with a highly variable environment. The reality of Dorothea Mackellar’s "droughts and flooding rains" and you could add ‘not much in the middle’, cries out for adaptive management. The water sharing plans for each of the main water courses in the Basin, need to be expressed … Continue reading Flexibility and Conservation-The Darling River.

Bourke-A Town With Real Spirit-A Personal Perspective

Background In August 1960, as a raw youth,just after my nineteenth birthday, pastoral house Dalgety sent me to Bourke Branch. I had joined Dalgety in Sydney six weeks or so earlier after spending three years "jackarooing" in south/west and central Queensland. Dalgety said that they would use my vast rural experience and send me to … Continue reading Bourke-A Town With Real Spirit-A Personal Perspective

BlogLog-Bourke Visit 24th to 26th September,2012

Drove out to Bourke on Sunday/Monday. When first with Clyde I used to do it in a long half day-driving too fast, before we got flash and bought an aircraft. This time went to Mudgee on Sunday evening and got to Bourke about 2:30PM on Monday via Dunedoo, Mendooran, Gilgandra, Warren and Nyngan. My visit … Continue reading BlogLog-Bourke Visit 24th to 26th September,2012

Bourke Show Visit – Travel Log

Thursday 22nd April,2010After discovering the BMW had a flat battery, I finally set off from St Ives at 12 midday and drove straight to Dubbo. Only took 4.5 hours with one stop for a McDonald's hamburger in Mudgee. The Dubbo visit was focussed on the Clyde alumni. I stayed with former Toorale and Pier Pier … Continue reading Bourke Show Visit – Travel Log

Toorale Station, Bourke

The purchase (for $23.75m)and closing down of Toorale Station at Bourke, can now be viewed with the value of two years hindsight and can be clearly seen as the great act of bastardry that many saw it as at the time. It was an action totally driven by cheap politics for consumption in Adelaide, that … Continue reading Toorale Station, Bourke

Speech At Opening Back o’ Bourke Exhibition Centre-24.10.09

SalutationsI have been greatly looking forward to this day and congratulate all involved in getting this great Centre to where it now is.I came to Bourke with Dalgety, as a fresh-faced eighteen year old, 50 years ago next August. I soon met a strong-willed, spirited young school leaver called Gail Dugan. There was great strength … Continue reading Speech At Opening Back o’ Bourke Exhibition Centre-24.10.09