Toorale Ramifications

The Sydney Morning Herald (David Wroe) has written a well balanced article on the waste of money in buying Toorale (pronounced Too-rally) Station at Bourke. I attempted to leverage this with a letter to the Editor which failed to make the final cut-"Congratulations to the SMH (Station buyout a waste of money- 23rd December) for "outing" … Continue reading Toorale Ramifications

Global non-Warming

Hitting the Nail on the Head!Durban failed to explain why models were not achieved (Letter published in The Australian, 16 December 2011)Your editorial (15/12) discussing Canada’s withdrawal from the binding  Kyoto agreement also states your continued acceptance of “the strong evidence of anthropogenic climate change and support (for) limits on greenhouse gas emissions as a precautionary … Continue reading Global non-Warming

Entitlements and Allocations

The following letter was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 9th. December, 2011:"The focus on the 2750 gigalitre (GLS) figure of claimed water "returned to the rivers" is highly misleading. This number refers to extraction entitlements.  Irrigation entitlements grant the right to extract water only when when seasonal allocations are made and this depends on water availability. When water … Continue reading Entitlements and Allocations