Garnaud and Climate Change

What a clear, crisp communication. Factual and unemotional-Need for review of Garnaut policies (Letter published in AFR, 25 March) You report that, in an address to the National Press Club, Blue Scope Chairman Graham Kraehe accused Ross Garnaut of using “very selective, highly misleading” figures (“Bluescope fires salvo at Garnaut”, March 23). Kraehe was, in … Continue reading Garnaud and Climate Change

Indigenous Employment in the Murray Darling Basin

The linked well expressed submission by the NSW Aboriginal Land Council strikes a chord. My mind was focussed on this issue during my time as Chairman of the Darling Matilda Way Sustainable Region Advisory Council. The central conclusion I came to was the need for economically sustainable job opportunities in those river towns with significant … Continue reading Indigenous Employment in the Murray Darling Basin

Harvard Professor John Briscoe on Murray Darling Basin Plan

This submisssion to the Barnaby Joyce inspired inquiry by Senate's Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee, is in my opinion one of the best things I have read on this subject. A clear, objective view, from an expert not caught up in local politics. I commend it to all. It puts the Craig Knowles interview (see … Continue reading Harvard Professor John Briscoe on Murray Darling Basin Plan

Farmer’s Water Allocations

All licenses/entitlements in the Murray Darling Basin are subject to seasonal allocations, or on the "unregulated" rivers, the attainment of minimal river heights. I believe it was the late Professor Peter Cullen who made the statement that "in a dry country like Australia we shouldn't be growing thirsty crops like rice and cotton". Both Australian … Continue reading Farmer’s Water Allocations

MD Basin Plan

Spot-on!Axe Murray-Darling plan and start again: US expertPeter KerMarch 5, 2011AUSTRALIA'S performance on reforming the Murray-Darling Basin has been savaged by one of the world's top water experts, who says the process is flawed by political deception and opportunism.Harvard University professor John Briscoe - a former senior water adviser for the World Bank - has … Continue reading MD Basin Plan

Climate Change (Note not "Global Warming" as its effectively non-existent)

I can't vouch for the precise accuracy of the following, but the general perspective would be correct.ETS tax for dummiesLet's put this into a bit of perspective for laymen! ETS is another tax. It is equal to putting up the GST to 12.5% which would be unacceptable and produce an outcry.Read the following analogy and … Continue reading Climate Change (Note not "Global Warming" as its effectively non-existent)

MD Basin-Eucumbene

Letter published in The Land on 24th February-"Max Talbot, Cooma makes an excellent point in his letter (Look outside basin-The Land, February,10). At 4,800 gigalitres, Eucumbene Dam is the largest single dam feeding the Murray Darling Basin (MDB). It is essential that its operation, and the operation of the other Snowy storages, be fully integrated … Continue reading MD Basin-Eucumbene