Snowy Hydro

In 2006 the NSW, Victorian and Australian Governments attempted to privatise the cash strapped Snowy Hydro organisation. An extraordinary campaign of resistance was mounted with leading Sydney radio commentator Alan Jones very prominent. That well known poet "Anon" penned the following piece of dogrel.The Man From Snowy Hydro (With apologies to A.B. Paterson)There was movement … Continue reading Snowy Hydro

Global Warming Theology-Open Email to Senator Fielding

Dear Senator,I would like to congratulate you and encourage you on the stance you are taking on this subject. The arrogant dismissal of legitimate questioning of the science behind the conventional position has been appalling. It is my view that we humans are inclined to overstate our impacts and our level of control. I think … Continue reading Global Warming Theology-Open Email to Senator Fielding


"What a funny world!1) The central unique physical characteristic of Australia is massive rainfall variability.2) Consequently, 'available water' is largely a consequence of efficient storage.3) Huge rainfall is occurring in Northern NSW and South-east Queensland.4) We are in the midst of the biggest infrastructure spend in Australia's history.5) The planning does not include a single … Continue reading Infrastructure