Droughts and the Environment

“The suggestion that environmental water be given up for irrigation in times of drought implies that the environment does not need water during a drought". The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder has told the Inquiry that evidence shows that this is not the case. Ugh? I thought that under natural conditions that is exactly what the … Continue reading Droughts and the Environment

A Time Like No Other

Mike Boyd Apr 21 · 9 min read If — 6 months ago — you opined that the world would be locked down in the various ways we have seen unfold in the past month, you would have drawn ire and eye-rolling on a biblical scale. To quote the lyrics to People’s Faces by Kate Tempest; Was that a pivotal … Continue reading A Time Like No Other

Witch-burning cure will be deadlier than the virus.

RJ SMITH Italian soldiers wait for coffins they took from the Bergamo area are unloaded at a cemetery near Milan in Northern Italy. Picture: AP 12:00AM APRIL 2, 2020 We are in the midst of the strangest event of our lives. Societies have shut down. Families and whole nations face financial ruin. Walking the streets … Continue reading Witch-burning cure will be deadlier than the virus.

Religion of Carbon, the devil is in the doctrine

I was greatly attracted by this article from grazier George King. It is very much in line with my thinking. photo: George King Published on March 13, 2020 George King Managing Director at The Whitney Pastoral Company Pty Ltd, "Coombing Park" Many people must be incredibly perplexed as to why the environmental discussion has abandoned real … Continue reading Religion of Carbon, the devil is in the doctrine