Conventional Wisdom

The front page of today's Australian has no less than three clangers, all in passing.1) Reference to "carbon pollution"!! Carbon pollution? What the hell is that? I thought carbon was an essential part of life?2) Reference to the "ailing Murray Darling Basin". Perhaps they mean "ailing" from excessive water flows! 3) "Ailing" from "excessive farmer … Continue reading Conventional Wisdom

Climate Change

A quote from Joanne Nova in an article in last Saturday's Weekend Australian"The swelling ranks of sceptical scientists is now the largest whistle-blowing cohort in science ever seen. It includes some of the brightest: two with Nobel prizes in physics, four NASAastronauts, 9000 PhDs in science, and another 20,000 science graduates to cap it off. … Continue reading Climate Change

The World Has Been Cooling for 15 Years

The following is an extract from the UK Daily Mail:-"But buried amid the details of those two Met Office statements 12 months apart lies a remarkable climbdown that has huge implications - not just for the Met Office, but for debateover climate change as a whole.Read carefully with other official data, they conceal a truth … Continue reading The World Has Been Cooling for 15 Years