Conservation-Viv Forbes

Be Like the Beaver – Build More DamsWater is essential for all life, and happily it is abundant on our blue watery planet.However, salty oceans cover 70% of Earth’s surface and contain 97% of Earth’s water. Salt water is great for ocean dwellers but not directly useful for most life on land. Another 2% of … Continue reading Conservation-Viv Forbes

This Man is not all bad.

The White House • February 13, 2019 Not one more person should suffer under socialism Today, President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump welcomed President Ivan Duque Marquez and First Lady Maria Juliana Ruiz Sandoval of Colombia to the White House. “We’re working on many things together: the eradication of drugs in Colombia and outside … Continue reading This Man is not all bad.

Murray Darling Debate-Summary of My Key Thoughts

"I represent no one except myself.My background is grazing including flood plain grazing, dryland farming and irrigation, mostly cotton. Geographically it is mainly influenced by experience in the Lake Eyre Basin, the Darling Basin, but also includes the Lower Darling and the Murrumbidgee (Tandou). My only motivation is not to see  Australia's future productive capacity damaged … Continue reading Murray Darling Debate-Summary of My Key Thoughts

Poverty Progress -How the Left Hate it.

Progressives reluctant to recognise poverty progressAnis Rezae08 FEBRUARY 2019 | IDEAS@THECENTREIs the declining rate of global poverty simply a neoliberal lie, spread by the likes of Bill Gates?According to a British-based academic, the answer is yes — because the data on global poverty only ‘looks’ better because of communist China’s rapid development.This claim is blatantly wrong for … Continue reading Poverty Progress -How the Left Hate it.