A Comprehensive Look at The Voice

Below is a broad look at the 'whole issue' with which I find myself in strong agreement. Everyone wants to see the 20-35% of Indigenous peoples, who are currently leading dysfunctional lives in remote areas, do better. Many voters want this to happen “now”. But any solution is going to take decades. The fact that … Continue reading A Comprehensive Look at The Voice

Forbes Magazine Debates Cotton’s Sustainability

Cotton is just one example of a fundamental agricultural debate. Forbes Magazine has published an opinion piece weighing up the pros and cons of conventional Vs organic Vs regenerative cotton production. It seems based on the premise that while cotton is fashion's second most popular fiber after polyester, finding sustainable solutions to current farming methods … Continue reading Forbes Magazine Debates Cotton’s Sustainability


The Financial Review has run a prescient article penned by barrister Louise Clegg (wife of Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor), commenting on proposed amendment to the Constitution, which would insert a new chapter to create the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to parliament and the executive government. She is firmly on the side of the … Continue reading THE VOICE CRITICS FIND THEIR VOICE