Australian Environment Foundation

I strongly support the following statement:-Holmes & Media Watch versus Dr Marohasy & AEF Jonathan Holmes in his Media Watch segment of March 19th attacking Dr.Jennifer Marohasy’s research into the Murray’s lower lakes, raised questions about the very name of the Australian Environment Foundation:  his piece was titled ‘What's in a name?’Holmes purported to focus his reporting on the … Continue reading Australian Environment Foundation

James Delingpole Quote of Note-March 2012

If you're a believer in the great global warming religion, facts are actually your enemy. They're your enemya) because they so comprehensively undermine everything you believe in and b) because facts are nasty, horrid things that "deniers" use, whereas true believers have no need of them: faith, that's the thing, pure blind faith.

Outlook Conference and Water

Last week I attended the annual Agricultural Outlook Conference in Canberra for the umpteenth time. I attended my first in 1975 and have only missed two or three since, so perhaps I have been to 40! One of my workmates once pointed out that nearly every year I would say that I wouldn't bother going, yet still … Continue reading Outlook Conference and Water

Water and the Environment

Some 25 years ago, when I first got involved with irrigation on the Darling River at Bourke I was struck by the massive variability of river flows, the apparent unawareness by the water authorities of the magnitude of the bigger flow events, how frequently (but irregularly) they occurred and the exaggerated view that water managers … Continue reading Water and the Environment

Murray Darling Basin Overview

Base PositionThe Millennium Drought had a major impact on the Basin.(The renowned recuperative power of the Australian landscape has been demonstrated in its spectacular recovery since the drought broke.)Water extractions were well controlled by the adaptive management approach embodied in the allocation process, guided by the Water Sharing Plans. Natural impacts from extreme drought are being incorrectly labelled as chronic … Continue reading Murray Darling Basin Overview