Global Warming Graph

The graph, drawn from raw data supplied by NASA and sourced from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, plots global monthly satellite temperature measurements for the 20 years to December 2016.

The graph shows that the observed temperature trend over the twenty year period was an increase of only 0.06 degrees C per decade, or 0.6 degrees over a century. This is hardly alarming. This sort of rise in temperature is not an urgent crisis.

This tiny rising trend occurred while atmospheric CO2 increased by 11.3% from 363 ppm in January 1997 to 404 ppm by December 2016. CO2 has been going up on an exponential curve since 1959 but the temperature of the earth has not gone up correspondingly. Rather, it has been basically flat for the last 20 years. While man’s CO2 may have some slight overall warming effect, the graph shows it is not the control knob of the planet’s temperature.

The graph also shows what the estimated temperature trend should have been, based on the climate models of the IPCC in 2013. Those models predicted a rising temperature trend of 0.22 degrees C per decade over the twenty year period. This estimate is 3.66 times what actually occurred.

The graph shows the computer models projections of future climate states are exaggerated and are not supported by observations.

The graph also illustrates that natural mechanisms must have a greater influence, and CO2 concentrations a lesser influence, than that claimed by the IPCC on climate change.

When faced with this graph, scientifically illiterate alarmists have no answer.

Climate alarmism uses fear to influence public opinion, beget public funding and draw media attention. It is being used to justify Australia’s current electricity generation policies which are hugely expensive and damaging to its citizens and have absolutely no effect on the world’s temperature or on the local climate.

It is the alarmists who are denying the science.

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