A Response to the Wentworth Group Written by me in 2002. An Idea that should be pursued.

The Menzies Group[1]--- Initial Draft Notes The Menzies Group has been formed by a group of concerned scientists, economists, historians politicians and farmers who are alarmed at the extreme position being taken by the Wentworth Group of scientists.  The aim of the Menzies Group is to achieve a more balanced position. It fears that if … Continue reading A Response to the Wentworth Group Written by me in 2002. An Idea that should be pursued.

Agriculture and Environmentalism

It seems I wrote this paper/speech in 1998 - 22 years ago. It reminds me of the saying "that the more things change, the more they remain the same" The On-Farm and Industry Consequences of Environmentally Driven Land and Water Regulations (A Darling River Farmer’s Perspective) Speaker: David Boyd, Managing Director, Clyde Agriculture Ltd Environmentally … Continue reading Agriculture and Environmentalism

Europe’s anti-science plague descends on Africa

An alarming commentary from the "European Scientist". Beware cult like ideologies which deny mankind the benefits of modern science in medicine, energy and agriculture. By James Njoroge - 17.02.2020 European activists are putting lives at risk in East Africa, turning a plague of insects into a real prospect of widespread famine. The fast-breeding desert locust has invaded Kenya, Somalia and … Continue reading Europe’s anti-science plague descends on Africa

Climate Change-Putting it in Perspective

A Climate Of Crisis: America In The Age Of EnvironmentalismHistory News Network, 4 February 2018“Denier!” It has become the epithet of choice among climate change activists to malign those who dissent from the prevailing consensus [says] Patrick Allitt, author of A Climate of Crisis: America in the Age of Environmentalism. The term, inherently political, is almost exclusively … Continue reading Climate Change-Putting it in Perspective