Data is Everything! Looks pretty convincing to me! Son Michael tells me that "data is everything"! Why is this such an emotional topic? It's more like a religion where faith is required, rather than one which we should be able to deal with, by the use of rational hard facts. The hypothesis of human caused, huge increases … Continue reading Data is Everything!

Canadian investors’ big thirst for Aussie ag assets

Gregor Heard @grheard 9 Oct 2019, 8 a.m.Agribusiness BIG PLAYERS: Canadian investors have flocked to Australian agribusiness in their droves in recent years. Canadian pension fund PSP Investments' offer for Australian agribusiness Webster Limited is just the latest in a production line of investors from the North American nation looking to get involved in Australian … Continue reading Canadian investors’ big thirst for Aussie ag assets

Flexibility and Conservation-The Darling River.

We can't write appropriate black letter law to deal with a highly variable environment. The reality of Dorothea Mackellar’s "droughts and flooding rains" and you could add ‘not much in the middle’, cries out for adaptive management. The water sharing plans for each of the main water courses in the Basin, need to be expressed … Continue reading Flexibility and Conservation-The Darling River.