Irrigation Fundamentals

27.10.09Irrigation Fundamentals§ Buying irrigation licenses by the Federal Government will do nothing for our rivers, it will only limit agricultural production when water is plentiful.§ Irrigation licenses grant the right to extract water only when allocations are made.§ When water is short there are no, or very limited allocations.§ Our rainfall (and run-off) is highly … Continue reading Irrigation Fundamentals

Speech At Opening Back o’ Bourke Exhibition Centre-24.10.09

SalutationsI have been greatly looking forward to this day and congratulate all involved in getting this great Centre to where it now is.I came to Bourke with Dalgety, as a fresh-faced eighteen year old, 50 years ago next August. I soon met a strong-willed, spirited young school leaver called Gail Dugan. There was great strength … Continue reading Speech At Opening Back o’ Bourke Exhibition Centre-24.10.09

Wool Production-Conflicting Trends

27th October,2009Australian Wool Production or Wool ‘Aint’ Wool- A Commentary by David BoydThe huge drop in total wool production has masked a massive increase in the production of finer wools.Over the years knowledgeable commentators have warned about the dangers of addressing wool issues in aggregated terms. The huge spectrum of wool types from coarse carpet … Continue reading Wool Production-Conflicting Trends