There has never been a political alignment like this

An alliance of elites is urging the Yes campaign for an Indigenous voice to parliament upon a wary and suspicious Australian public. Reconciliation cannot be achieved by division. This is the best encapsulation of this debate that I have read. Paul Kelly nails it. In post-war Australia there has rarely, if ever, been a political … Continue reading There has never been a political alignment like this

Indigenous voice to parliament: How voice of reason has been lost to emotional abuse

Great opinion piece from Janet Albrechtsen in The Australian last week on The Voice. What is it about the voice debate, and indeed much of the debate about Indigenous affairs generally, that causes apparently rational people to lose all objectivity, wallow in sentimentality and engage in irrational overreach? In my lifetime I have not seen … Continue reading Indigenous voice to parliament: How voice of reason has been lost to emotional abuse

A Comprehensive Look at The Voice

Below is a broad look at the 'whole issue' with which I find myself in strong agreement. Everyone wants to see the 20-35% of Indigenous peoples, who are currently leading dysfunctional lives in remote areas, do better. Many voters want this to happen “now”. But any solution is going to take decades. The fact that … Continue reading A Comprehensive Look at The Voice

Forbes Magazine Debates Cotton’s Sustainability

Cotton is just one example of a fundamental agricultural debate. Forbes Magazine has published an opinion piece weighing up the pros and cons of conventional Vs organic Vs regenerative cotton production. It seems based on the premise that while cotton is fashion's second most popular fiber after polyester, finding sustainable solutions to current farming methods … Continue reading Forbes Magazine Debates Cotton’s Sustainability


The Financial Review has run a prescient article penned by barrister Louise Clegg (wife of Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor), commenting on proposed amendment to the Constitution, which would insert a new chapter to create the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to parliament and the executive government. She is firmly on the side of the … Continue reading THE VOICE CRITICS FIND THEIR VOICE

A Fairy Tale of Canada: Where is the balance; the common sense; the big picture?

Friday 14 April 2023 Clear, crisp commentary. Very familiar. Email from Neil Woolliams in Canada Many have been saying this for years. Canada’s 35 million is a drop in the bucket, compared to China & India?..!! Once upon a time in a northern Dominion called Canada, there was a thriving oil industry that provided fuel … Continue reading A Fairy Tale of Canada: Where is the balance; the common sense; the big picture?

Nigel Lawson

The death this week of Lord Lawson to me represents the loss of a hero. Not just because he was Nigella's father, but because he has been a consistent sceptic on the religion of climate alarmism who has preached the doctrine of adaptation. This link covers his claims to fame comprehensively- Some twenty odd … Continue reading Nigel Lawson

Gary Banks Nails It

IR, energy bungling puts brakes on growthGARY BANKSThe issues that most concern me in thinking about Australia’s need for reform are not the external developments that seem to get most attention, like the prospect of global recession or resurgent protectionism, or even the “climate emergency”, as it is now called. The biggest challenges are ones … Continue reading Gary Banks Nails It

Net Zero Impossible

Emission impossible: net zero emissions is a toxic fantasy The Australian - Greg Sheridan - February 4, 2023 “In all this stuff, we live by lying now. We tell ourselves lies and we know we’re lying to ourselves.” – Senator Matt Canavan, former minister for resources “We instead continue to participate in the fantasy of … Continue reading Net Zero Impossible

The Voice

Henry Ergas: Voice to entrench racial separatism We are not responsible for the Australia of the past; we are responsible for that of the future. As we celebrate this Australia Day weekend, nothing more starkly engages that responsibility than the proposed changes to the Constitution. That is all the truer because the proposed voice cuts … Continue reading The Voice