A Man Talking Sense on the Big Picture-Three NZ’s

The NAB's February Agribusiness View contains an interesting article written by Simon Talbot, Chief Executive Office of the National Farmers’ Federation, noting that in 2014/15, farm gate incomeincreased by 8 per cent to $57 billion, and this is expected to rise to about $105 billion by 2030.This prompted him to comment: "We need to establish … Continue reading A Man Talking Sense on the Big Picture-Three NZ’s

Food for Thought

The Harvard Business Review recently ran an interview with Robert B. Shapiro, chairman and CEO of Monsanto, on the subject of sustainability.Sustainable development is the term for the dual imperative—economic growth and environmental sustainability—that has been gaining ground among business leaders since the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. As Shapiro puts it, … Continue reading Food for Thought

Modern Agriculture

This article in the Sydney Morning Herald by well respected journalist Paul Sheehan, really "got up my nose". So much so I sent off the following letter to the Editor. Sadly he/she didn't see fit to publish it."Paul Sheehan's perception of modern agriculture is severely flawed  (''We'll reap what we deserve'', February 18).  Instead of relying on some credibility … Continue reading Modern Agriculture

Speech to World Hereford Conference 2004

World Hereford Conference 2004J D O BoydCOMMERCIAL REALITIES INMODERN AUSTRALIAN AGRICULTUREThank you for this opportunity to speak to such a distinguished audience on a subject close to my heart.I would like to give you a broad picture of the agricultural "environment" (climatic, political and economic) in which I am involved, and provide you with an … Continue reading Speech to World Hereford Conference 2004