Irrigation-Politics and Sovereign Risk

I was recently asked to write an overview of the politics of Australian irrigation with emphasis on the Barwon-Darling River. This is what I wrote:-Big Picture-BackgroundAustralia is claimed to be the most urbanised country on earth with the great majority of the population clustered in coastal cities. The very strong democracy, highly visible in a … Continue reading Irrigation-Politics and Sovereign Risk

Australian Irrigation Misunderstandings

Arguably the world's leading weekly, "The Economist" recently ran an article on this subject. A well informed commentator wrote the following comment."There are great misunderstandings about Australia's water/irrigation situation. I contend that 90% of current water problems are the result of drought and around 10% mismanagement and over-allocation. It is disturbing to see Ken Henry … Continue reading Australian Irrigation Misunderstandings

Water Management

As of today just under 1,400,000 megalitres of water has flowed down the Darling River past Bourke since Christmas. Water "saved for the river" as a consequence of the Government buying Toorale Station and its water licenses, remains at 10,000 megalitres-0.7% of the flow since Christmas.How's that for an investment of $23.75m.?

Lakes-Letter to The Australian 13th February,2010

Could someone please explain to me (As one lakes region comes to life, another is saved from death-The Australian February 13th-14th) why returning the Lower Lakes (Alexandrina and Albert) to more like their natural state and allowing sea water to enter as it always did when upstream rainfall and flows were low, would be such … Continue reading Lakes-Letter to The Australian 13th February,2010

Submission to Productivity Commission

Submission to Productivity Commission on Water RecoveryOverviewThis submission is brief, long on assertion and short on evidence. This is not because the assertions are not defensible, but rather because of limited resources. I would be happy to enlarge verbally should the Commission be interested.Assertions1.The key characteristic of Australia’s inland rivers (where most irrigation takes place), … Continue reading Submission to Productivity Commission