Jonathan Sumption With John Anderson

I was tremendously impressed with this “Conversation” – Sumption’s clarity of mind and mastery of expression, together with John’s incisive direction, had a great impact. I was, however, astonished to hear Lord Sumption say that he believed human caused climate change was “a potentially terminal problem” and he accepts the scientific basis of this claim. John agreed!

My extensive reading leads me to the opposite conclusion. When I look at the Global Warming Policy Forum’s Academic Advisory Council, it seems that a very significant group of the world’s leading scientists, to name just a few, don’t see it that way.

The members of the GWPF Academic Advisory Council are:
 Professor Christopher Essex (Chairman)
Professor Ray Bates
Sir Ian Byatt
Dr John Constable
Professor Vincent Courtillot
Professor Peter Dobson OBE

Professor John Dewey FRS
Christian Gerondeau
Professor Laurence Gould
Professor William Happer
Professor Ole Humlum
Professor Gautam Kalghatgi
Professor Terence Kealey
William Kininmonth
Bryan Leyland
Professor Richard Lindzen
Professor Ross McKitrick
Professor Robert Mendelsohn
Professor Garth Paltridge
Professor Ian Plimer
Professor Gwythian Prins
Professor Paul Reiter
Professor Peter Ridd
Dr Matt Ridley
Sir Alan Rudge FRS
Professor Nir Shaviv
Dr David Whitehouse

I am usually sceptical of hypotheses that have overtones of conspiracy theories. However, I fear there is much truth in this.

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