Murray Darling Basin Plan

The NSW Irrigator’s Council submission to the SA Royal Commission should be compulsory reading for all those who attack the irrigation industry and the cotton and rice industries in particular. Whilst any submission from irrigators on water usage will always be subject to the “they would say that” syndrome, the submission is clearly expressed and loaded with defensible facts. I would particularly draw attention to ‘Illegal Take’ on page 5, ‘Irrigated Crops’ on page 7 and ‘Darling River and Menindee Lakes’ on page 8. Once again the ABC are shown to have done Australia a great disservice with biased reporting.

10 thoughts on “Murray Darling Basin Plan

  1. Because they are pandering to the misguided and uninformed.The greens (these mob of anti Australian rat bags dont deserve capitals!)the publicity hungery achedemics and the complicit media have a lot to answer for!Who in their right mind would want to be an irrigator?The socialists take your water away in the dry times,then nature takes your crops away by floods in the wet times!


  2. We can perhaps win over time if we keep repeating and showing small piece of evidence which contradict the current paradigm. Jennifer Marohasy


  3. A great piece, David.Something else no-one mentions, when equating irrigators with vandals, is how the formerly semi-arid mallee country of western NSW has been transformed to one of the world's truly great foodbowls. The variety, quality and sheer productivity of the MDB is little short of miraculous. A mother of seven, left often alone in a newly found antipodean wilderness, was able to initiate a million pound wool industry within a few years. What would Elizabeth Macarthur think of comfortable, highly paid \”specialists\” who spend millions in order to downgrade an agricultural triumph? What would she think of water wasted, particularly as a lethal black sludge contributed to the \”life\” of rivers?I know what I think.


  4. You have the ability to keep hitting nails on their heads. A great piece with a lot of common sense which has been absent from the water debate. Albert Enzerink


  5. Well done David,It appears to me that our politicians, our bureaucrats and sadly too many of our academics are all waxing philosophically about a Murray Darling Basin that does not exist.As you rightly point out, it has always been a place of excesses. Added to this, we now have them arrogantly believing they can \”assist\” the environment with our meagre storages. What a joke! All we should be doing is working out the best ways to mitigate and protect ourselves from \”drought and flooding rains\”. I think our environment has very little respect for the current computer models and the MDBP that assumes it can \”save the river\”. It really is quite ludicrous and will waste an incredible amount of taxpayers' money. They can't \”save\” something that doesn't need saving! What they should be \”saving\” is the water and the money they are wasting at the moment!


  6. The Green Utopia of a \”healthy river\” is just that: a non-attainable non-existent model river non-applicable to the Murray Darling Basin.


  7. Good work David,How refreshing to see some common sense and some real focus on how best to get on the right gtrack.Well done!


  8. So please explain the over allocation from dams in the very region David has been an architect in designing. There are some very valid points here but the massive growth of Clyde, Tandou etc is indeed the very issue that has to be addressed. Put simply those organisations have contributed significantly to snapping up available water since the water trade commenced and therefore unfair extraction in various sectors of the basin is now endemic. All I am preaching lets get a balance and you cannot do that until all factors are properly considered


  9. JimBob51,What over allocation? You flatter me with credit for designing the system! Please read my later posts on the impact of allocations.What is the massive growth of Clyde and Tandou to which you refer? Both suffered tremendously from lack of water and thus bugger all allocations over recent years. Tandou's current crop is the first for five years!Go ask the citizens of Bourke whether or not they welcome Clyde's presence in the community.


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