Global Warming

I am not into conspiracy theories. However, when you think about the millenium bug,the salinity exaggeration of a few years ago, the continual threats to the Great Barrier Reef (whatever happened to the Crown-of-thorns-star-fish?) and now the global warming beat-up, you wonder.

The term ‘climate change’ is much better than ‘global warming’, as you can win allround. You can even blame the current record cold in the Northern Hemisphere on human activity.

The “climategate” hacked emails scandal has revealed that the central scientists advising the IPCC have understated historic temperatures,have threatened to boycott publications that run contradictory articles, have omitted from the Russian temperature data all the centres that showed no warming, and have had a captive scientist re-write all the global warming definitions on Wikipedia, so as to highlight warming.

In the light of these facts how can all those alarmists at Copenhagen speak with such confidence about containing warming to 2 degrees C? Further, the evidence suggests that increases in CO2 levels follow warming periods-they don’t precede them.

The Rudd Government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme should be permanently consigned to the garbage bin. In any event CO2 is not a pollutant, but an essential part of life.

Tony Abbott must be urged to stop trying to have a bit each way and stick to his Beaufort Declaration-“global warming science is crap”!

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