Do as we say, not as we do!

How many coal fired power plants are there in the world today? Green New Deal??? Just look at this .   The EU has 468 - building 27 more... Total  495      Turkey has 56 - building 93 more... Total  149      South Africa has 79 - building 24 more... Total  103      India has 589 - building 446 more... Total  1035      Philippines has … Continue reading Do as we say, not as we do!

Fossil Fuels

The Truth Dawns For all those worshipping at the Global Warming/Climate Change altar have a look at these news item headings in the last week! 7 June 2021 Build back blackerIndia, Australia, China, Russia pushing ‘massive’ coal expansion OPEC leaders mock IEA’s “la-la land” 2050 Net Zero roadmap   1) Build back blacker: India, Australia, China, Russia pushing ‘massive’ coal … Continue reading Fossil Fuels

The Micro Renewables Battle

The Efficiency of Electric Motors-A Farmer's Perspective The advent of electrically driven motor vehicles is but the latest manifestation of the attraction of electric motors. For example take developments in the Australian bush. The windmill, for years so much a ubiquitous emblem of inland Australia, is a dying image. Today no self respecting farmer would … Continue reading The Micro Renewables Battle

The Antihumanism of David Attenborough

RAZI GINZBERG 18th May 2021 Revered naturalist Sir David Attenborough recently celebrated his 95th birthday. As a capstone to his storied career, he has also been named as the ‘people’s advocate’ for the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). A better title for Sir David would be the anti-people’s advocate. That’s because, while narrating … Continue reading The Antihumanism of David Attenborough

Climate Change Ideology -Balance Needed

There are clear reasons for climate optimism in a CO2-enriched world Arguments against climate alarm (and forced energy transformation) should be highlighted to counter the Malthusian notion that self-interested economic progress is engendering climate chaos. Robert L Bradley Jr, LifeSite News Opinion, May 7, 2021 May 7, 2021 (AIER) —  A debate between climate optimist John Christy (University of … Continue reading Climate Change Ideology -Balance Needed

Christmas Greetings and Newsletter

Belated Posting-written from my Hospital Bed Tuesday, 22nd December,2020 What a year! Both on a personal front with the horrors of the global pandemic providing the background music.  As usual I approach this task from a self-centred chronological perspective. I fear I will overlook major family events. Once again I am very aware of how … Continue reading Christmas Greetings and Newsletter