Remember, farmers feed us all

Remember, farmers feed us allPaul MyersApril 3, 2009If there's one industry in Australia that needs some decent PR, it's agriculture.There are 175,000 farmers who feed Australia and contribute significantly to global nutrition. But they have lost the hearts and minds of the people who depend on them. Their status has sunk to an all-time low, … Continue reading Remember, farmers feed us all

Speech to World Hereford Conference 2004

World Hereford Conference 2004J D O BoydCOMMERCIAL REALITIES INMODERN AUSTRALIAN AGRICULTUREThank you for this opportunity to speak to such a distinguished audience on a subject close to my heart.I would like to give you a broad picture of the agricultural "environment" (climatic, political and economic) in which I am involved, and provide you with an … Continue reading Speech to World Hereford Conference 2004

Droughts and Flooding Rains

Monday 03 November, 2008WRITING INSPIRED BY A FLIGHT OVER WESTERN NSW FLOODWATERS IN February2008[1]“Droughts and Flooding Rains"- and not much in the middle.A trip by road across Northern NSW last week and a flight in a light aircraft over the flooded Warrego, Paroo and Cuttaburra Creek, reinforced how Dorothea Mackellar got it so right. Australia … Continue reading Droughts and Flooding Rains