Global Warming-Honesty and Wisdom

Letter to the Editor The Australian                       18 Feb 2020 Sir What hope does business have in Australia when business leaders like those of the Business Council of Australia, coal miners BHP and  Anglo American and many others clamour for a net zero emissions by 2050 as the means to save this country from the perceived … Continue reading Global Warming-Honesty and Wisdom

A Letter To Angus Taylor and Matthais Cormann

Without a mandate, Liberals in name only (Linos) under Malcolm Turnbull, introduced legislation forcing Australian electricity retailers to purchase, at peak hour, only unreliable and expensive renewable electricity instead of cheap and reliable coal-fired electricity. The result is that we have gone from having the cheapest and most reliable electricity grid in the world to … Continue reading A Letter To Angus Taylor and Matthais Cormann

Climate Change-Chris Kenny Talks Sense as Usual

8th February-Weekend Australian The climate debate has turned hysterical and ugly; Scott Morrison must defeat this madness Climate politics in this country are so wacky that informed adults ought to scoff at them and move on. But with Labor, the Greens, much of the media and some Liberal moderates caught up in this nuttiness, Scott … Continue reading Climate Change-Chris Kenny Talks Sense as Usual

Australian Bushfires -Post Mortems

It is to be hoped that the inevitable post mortems-Royal Commission/government enquiries or whatever, will bring some appropriate balance to the polarised current debate and the lessons to be learnt for the future. The usual desire for a "silver bullet" single cause needs to be tempered with the recognition of the multiple factors which led … Continue reading Australian Bushfires -Post Mortems

More BGO’s (Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious)

''The panel, headed by former Murray Darling Basin Authority board member George Warne, called for an end to predetermined flow rates." A quote from this week's Water Minister's Brisbane meeting. In a massively variable rainfall/run-off environment, this should surely be a self evident truth. The establishment of a fixed Sustainable Diversion Limit (SDL) for each … Continue reading More BGO’s (Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious)