Economics v Ideology


Message To NSW Parliamentarians via Email

As we understand it, the legislation to go before the NSW Parliament today accepts Commonwealth funding to pursue an energy policy of future reliance on solar and wind generated electricity.

This is being promoted notwithstanding experience in Europe, particularly Germany, that such a policy, at the existing and foreseeable state of technology, DOES NOT WORK.

The intermittency of wind and solar generated electricity needs to be stabilised and backed up by hydro and in Australia’s case where hydro opportunities are limited, fossil fuels (coal and gas).Expert opinion suggests that the ideal situation to produce ample, economical,dispatchable,and reliable electricity is one where there is a mix of renewables and fossil fuels.Nuclear energy also has a role as is being demonstrated in France,UK and elsewhere.

The most significant factor in having an internationally competitive economy, is having ample,cheap, reliable energy. To commit to a future economy based mostly on solar and wind would be a disaster. We appeal to members NOT to support the proposal.

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