Climate Change-My Position

My position, and I acknowledge some of you don’t agree, is that the whole movement is based on a false premise. That premise is that the current low level of warming since the Industrial Revolution and the apocalyptic forecasts, are mainly caused by human induced emissions of carbon dioxide, not natural causes.
My reading, much by highly regarded scientists, refutes this argument. Furthermore, many highly regarded commentators argue the latest IPCC release is a political document not a scientific one. Some see it as continuing the efforts of the infamous Maurice Strong who believed that environmental issues offered the best opportunity to promote socialism, if not marxism, to destroy capitalism.
However, if we put aside this conspiracy case, the fundamental issue is the truth or otherwise of the scientific case in respect to human driven carbon dioxide emissions and whether they are a major cause of current and projected massive future warming. What we do know is that in the thirty years that this topic has been so prominent, real observations of temperature increases are way below those shown in most of the “climate industries” computer models.
My current question/concern is whether this movement around the world is now so powerful and has so much momentum that seeking after the truth is a waste of time (and emotion)!

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