Global Warming/Climate Change

Two recent developments should have put paid to the fundamental underlying assumption that human caused emissions of carbon dioxide (and other so called greenhouse gasses) are a major factor in the very moderate actual increase in global temperatures.

The first development was the fact that when human emissions dropped significantly during the Global Financial Crisis and again during the Pandemic, there was no reduction in the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

The second development is that even the IPCC have acknowledged that the models grossly exaggerate the degree of warming related to human emissions. Thus acknowledging that there is no crisis.

It is now abundantly clear that the cost in terms of human welfare, in pursuing the “Net Zero Emissions by whenever”, a movement to which major emitters like China and India pay but lip service, greatly exceeds any likely benefit.

Perhaps a movement needs to start to call to account all those “woke” Company executives, investment houses and organisations who, in “virtue signalling”, have contributed to the unjustified alarmism and taken their focus off their fiduciary responsibilities.

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